Buying driftwood

RRick’s Drijfhout Company specialise in collecting, processing and selling driftwood. Customers have been able to buy driftwood in various types from us since 2013. Our products include natural and processed driftwood, from rivers or the sea. From this magnisifant wood we also make various products for home interior and outdoor use.

Why order from Rick Driftwood Company?

  • We have extensive experience with driftwood and wreck wood, its qualities and their applications.
  • On this page you can easy order products, driftwood,woodwreckandorder otheruniquepieces of wood.This iseasy, fastand reliable.
  • AAll the pieces are collected by us, cleaned and selected so we know exactly what will be placed on our website.
  • We Have a constant supply of new and unique pieces of driftwood and wreck wood and more than 3,000 pieces in stock!
  • For the large and heavy pieces we have our own delivery service.
  • We have the best prices in the Netherlands, why pay more for the same wood elseware? Look and compare our prices.

We make a clear distinction between natural driftwood and processed driftwood. Unprocessed wood, such as branches or tree roots, we call natural driftwood. Processed driftwood has been processed before – for example, wooden boards and posts. All our driftwood is processed in the most natural possible manner to retain the original structure and appearance. From our assortment, you can buy driftwood found along rivers as well as along the coast. Wood found along a river retains its natural colour better than wood found along the coast. Driftwood found along the coast often has a whiter and more weathered appearance due to wind, waves and the tides. Our company sells wood from the countries below, among others.

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Greece
  • Scotland


Do you have any questions about buying driftwood? Please contact us by calling 06-12983800 or by completing the form on the contactpagina We will respond to your message as soon as possible. You are also welcome to visit our company. We are open on appointment. Rick’s Drijfhout Company Parallelweg 18 6663 AR Lent (Nijmegen)

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Natural driftwood is unprocessed wood from branches or tree roots. Our assortment consists of driftwood found along rivers as well as along the coast. The prices for our natural driftwood are available on request.


Besides selling wood, Ricks Drijfhout Company can also produce various products. Examples include lighting and other special custom products.